Adhesive tapes are of great use and it is of various types. It is best suitable for home projects and commercial packaging. Different types are of different use, features, and quality. In this blog, you will get to know about self-adhesive tapes and cello tapes. 

Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tapes are of great use and used to stick or join 2 objects without the use of screw or welding. Also, it protects your surface on which you are applying adhesive as there is no requirement of using screws, fasteners, or welding. It is better than liquid adhesive as they are messy and time-consuming. Adhesive tapes are prepared of backing or carrier which is coated with an adhesive and a release liner if required. Well, there is a long process to make an adhesive tape. 

If you are looking for adhesive tapes for your business purpose then Sarthak Enterprises are there for you. The company is a manufacturer of cello tapes and self-adhesive tapes providing its products all over India. Apart from this, the company deals in printed self-adhesive tapes, Bopp self-adhesive tapes, cello tape, and adhesive tape roll. These tapes are suitable for carton packaging textiles and food. We have highly-skilled professionals to prepare these tapes of optimum quality. Our adhesive tapes are fire-resistant, tear-resistant, strong, and durable that will fit perfectly as per your need.

Cello Tape

If you are looking for Cello tapes for packaging purposes of goods, cartons, warehousing, and logistics, then you have found a perfect place for you. Sarthak Enterprises makes good quality of packaging material that has good sealing properties. These tapes are suitable for low as well as high temperatures. We believe in providing good quality products to our customers. These cello tapes are of good tensile strength, high adhesion and weather resistance property. 

If you are need of Cello tape or self-adhesive tape for your business work, don’t delay to order from Sarthak Enterprises. We take every single client seriously and meet their demands. You just need to tell your requirement for pieces and what kind of tape you are required, we will provide you with the same product on time. Don’t worry about the prices and quality as you will never have to complain regarding any product of ours.  We are the top manufacturer of cello tapes and self-adhesive tapes in Delhi NCR where you can meet your requirement as best prices. We deliver the genuine quality of adhesive tapes of different shapes, size, and colors as per customer’s choice. We have a good reputation in the market and want to maintain the same by catering to the needs of every client.

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  1. Adhesive tapes provided by Sarthak Enterprises are bewildering and the standard grade and types of diversification provided by the enterprise makes it above all else

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