Packaging Materials And Tapes Manufacturer, Are you looking for packaging materials for your business purpose? Well, many companies look for such manufacturers in India who can provide them with good packaging materials at an affordable price. Situated in New Delhi, Sarthak Enterprises provides full-fledged packaging solutions to all the clients at the best price. If you are looking for a customized solution as per your company’s need, then Sarthak Enterprises is the best platform for you. 

The necessity of Packaging material

It is of utmost importance to have good packaging material when you are transporting your goods from one place to another. It is important so that your goods reach to its destination without any breakage, spillage, or any kind of loss to it. To ensure the safety of goods, you should contact Sarthak Enterprises for packaging materials and tapes manufacturer in Delhi. The company doesn’t deal with packaging material only but also provides PVC Shrink Film, Hand Stretch Wrap Film, BOPP tapes, Semi Strapping Machine, and rolls, etc. All these packaging solutions are available at unbeatable prices for their customers. 

The company was established in 2004, and now it’s among the top leading manufacturer companies for dealing with packaging materials in India. The company has lifted within a short period and now it is providing its items all over India. The company has its reputation in the marketplace for its top-notch services and the best quality of products. We always try our best to provide better service every time we deliver the products. 

Our Products

Bopp Tapes: These tapes are used is sealing heavy-duty carton, shipping purpose, and for inventory management. It is ideal for packaging and labeling purpose.

PVC Shrink Labels and Film: Popular for tolerating high temperature and resistance against moisture. It is used for multiple packaging applications like box packing, food packaging, etc. 

Strapping Rolls: It is best used for bundling items, closing corrugated fiberboard boxes and carton box, reinforcing packages, and pallet utilizing. 

Polyoly Shrink Film: Sarthak Enterprises offer the best-quality of Polyoly Shrink Film used for covering materials to prevent from dust and moisture. It fits every shape and size and best used for medicines and food packaging.

Stretch Rolls: The Stretch rolls are used for wrapping paint buckets, wire reels, electronics, clay, palletized boxes, wood, tires, and furniture also. It is of great use to companies. So, now you know where to get packaging materials and tapes manufacturer in Delhi NCR. Sarthak Enterprises believe to make long term relationship with customers and offers the best quality of products at unbeatable prices. Here, you will receive impeccable quality products for different purposes as per industry standards. Also, if you have any issues regarding any item, we provide you full support. We believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction and thereby, never step back dealing with customer’s queries.

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